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AAPL Put + 14.86 in 30 minutes...........VRTX Calls + 22.85% in 1 Day....... SPY Calls + 18.98% in 1 Day

DIA Calls + 48.33% in 8 Days........... SPY Puts + 32.03%....... SCCO Calls + 45.16% in 2 Days

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Crash of January 2018 Wipes Out Your Profits?

Did the recent market crash wipe out your capital ?
Markets rise to new highs week after week, profits = EASY MONEY
Now What ? Is this market rwady for a 30% Correction ?

Let me show you where my Strategic Market Strategy issued Market "Sell Signals"
Before the crash of 2018 and The Plan To Get Back Into The BLACK

The Strategic Trading Methodology - Never missed a major market move

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"Lou Russo and his Spread Program is world class.
a fantastic trading program and a spread trading system that I
am more than happy since joining as I am trading the
system and profiting................"
Jim Hanley. Connecticut
Very Very Good

"There isn’t much more I can give here than that of which
has already been written. Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model
that is far better than any other system, strategy, or method, I have used
myself, read in a book, or through other market newsletters or profit seers".
Sukaam Kumar. New Jersey

High ethical standards with our clients, partners, and industry associates.

Putting our clients money first.

Strong experience, knowledge, and guidance.

Honesty in our relations with our clients, partners, and associates.

A pledge to deliver sound decisions for trading.

Lou Russo has over 30 years of stock/option trading experience
helping customers with stock and option trades in the markets utilizing
the Strategic Trading Methodology that establishes a set of rules for
market and stock price movement for position entry and exits.

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey.
Taking Profits on BBB NJ

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Major market move defined as a minimum 10% decline in the Dow Jones 30 Industrials within a 30 trading day period