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Excels with two factors. Nearly 100% winning trades and 12-17% net profit every 3 weeks.
prakspman87312@gmail.com Prakesh, New Jersey

Very Excellent. 32 Straight Winners
This is just simply the best
Henry Sherman. Virginia

In a Word. The Best
Lou Russo and his Spread Program is world class. a fantastic trading program and a spread trading system
that I am more than happy since joining as I am trading the system and profiting $1200-$1700 a week using the _ _ _ Option platform.
The trades are predominantly 1-3 months out in expiration and 1 to 3 strike prices apart and comfortable with the risk level.
As stated on the takingprofits web site I had 26 straight profitable trades literally skyrocketing my account by compounding
the capital allocations trading forward. I use the program in several accounts, two trading accounts and my IRA, all are profiting exceptional.
When I compared the takingprofits program with several others, names I will not state here but in other reviews, this program clearly rises above
all others. I recommend this Spread Trader program to anybody whether you maybe interested in growing your account or taking extra income
an exceptional venue. I've read previous reviews and I agree with all that has been said about Taking Profits and Lou Russo's trading strategy.
I have communicated with him several times, attended a seminar, he's a very personable, likable guy, and is truly interested in making profits for people.
Jim Hanley. Connecticut

The Best. 32 Straight Winning Trades
I can write paragraphs about the successes however I believe Lou Russo's web site does that for me.
This is one person who sincerely wants people to make money. Spread Trades gets wealth on track.
James Bright. New Jersey

Very Very Good
There isn’t much more I can give here than that of which has already been written. Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model
that is far better than any other system, strategy, or method, I have used myself, read in a book, or through other market newsletters or profit seers.
We are here on investimonial site to give other people insight into trading web sites to help make money for all people and the
Taking Profits Spread Trader in my opinion ranks highest for profitability than any other I have ever used including my own personal system.
I am also providing my email address here to help others to be as profitable as I have been.
Sukaam Kumar. New Jersey

My Personal ATM Machine
Lou Russo has a pure trading system that will put you on the road to wealth. All FIVE STARS
Armondo Delouise. New Jersey

Doubled My Lifestyle
I am a member of two programs with Lou and TakingProfits.com, Power Options and Spread Trader.
Power Options trades long puts and calls, the Spreads are vertical credits. Spread Trader has very consistent gains monthly in the range of 10%-14%.
Very well satisfied with this nature taking $12,500.00 draw per each month providing a boost in life style.
Power Options has been profitable as well. I closed out 14 trades over the past 2 months 11 of which brought profits.
Hold time averages 10 days. Profit with each trade ranges 10%-25%. Lou does not provide educational services.
Trade Alerts are emailed timely. Position updates are weekly and on time. My email messages are responded to quickly.
Very good trading services here. Good Luck.
Sri Farid. Somerset New Jersey

Everybody should be using this service
All I can say is that the success rate has been near 100% and I've been compounding my IRA.
if it continues like it has over the past year I'll double my money again. Credit spreads have been very consistent
with the winning percentage snd while the trades don't get the 60-70% profit from straight long puts and calls,
it's well worth the safety of taking a little less profit, 10-20% with a high percentage of winning trades.
Mark Fischer.

$1,200.00 every 5 weeks
I'm pulling $1200 every six weeks. I needed extra income but was wary in the beginning,
so I only committed a few thousand per trade but the success has convinced me that this trading service is easily worth the cost.
George Aburtyn. New Jersey

Exceeded expectations
The ratings here included factors that Taking Profits does not offer such as education and entertainment,
which I'm not seeking entertainment so it doesn't make sense to have that as a rating. If I want entertainment I watch HBO.
However because of the successes I have had with Lou Russo, the Spread Trader for Taking Profits, I gave it all highest rating.
When I signed up for this trading service by Lou Russo I expected profits and I have gotten them.
The accuracy of the trades is uncanny as I have had all but three positions expire worthless easily exceeding my expectations.
Having profits in your account every month is the greatest feeling and I'm more than happy I signed up with taking profits.
This is one of the best services I have had and I've tried nearly them all.
Thomas Courtnee

True Profita
I told Lou Russo I was so happy with the service I would write this testimonial for Taking Profits.
I joined these spread Trader over a year ago and every month I have had profits in my account with a growth in my IRA I have not seen before.
The Credit Spread program is a basic program while having no educational value the concentration is on purely producing profits.
Anyone who is looking for a service that will provide them with growth for their account or for extra income look no further.
Lou Russo has developed a strategy and methodology that is true to what he says on this website.
I'm a very happy customer and recommend credit spread highly.
Terry Murray

Straight Up profits with extra income
Exciting to have a service that is a no nonsense profit maker. These credit spreads have been within 3 strikes keeping the risk minimized with about
7 open trades allowing giving adequate diversification. I'm drawing $1,500.00 a month in extra income. This is a refreshing and well satisfying service.
Bravo to Lou Russo for designing a program that does what it says.
Jeffrey Emory

Steady Profits
Steady profits every month for 14 straight months. The return value is well worth the membership cost.
Straight forward credit spreads with a no nonsense approach. Low risk with extraordinary gains
Sri Patel. Winter Park, Florida

23 wins in a row
I signed up for the spread trades after speaking to Lou Russo he convinced me that this would be good for my
objective of extra income and 23 trades later i have won on every trade. The alerts are emailed usually 3-5 times a week and
I am manually expecting all trades via eOption. So I am making money I'll stay with each alert. This is trading only alerts. It's not educational,
strictly a credit spread service so I had to rate it only 4 educational. If you're looking for straight trades and no bs this is a good service.
Lou was very helpful giving me all straight answers and never tied to close the deal. He gave me the information and I made up my own mind a few days later.
I referred a friend and she started with only a few thousand and she too is making some money.
John C. Connecticut

Excellent money maker
I am a member of Spread Trader by Lou Russo. Lou Russo has the best trading strategy I have ever used simply
because every month is profitable with very few losing trades in different market conditions and he doesn't over trade.
A lot of newsletters will make far too may trades to help compensate for the losses however Lou does not do this.
There have been on average 2-4 trades a week and the expirations are 2-8 weeks out so my money has not been lying idle.
I have grown my money enormously. Lou says he uses a several step methodology for position recommendation and it works to near perfection.
I definitely recommend Lou Russo's Spread Trader
Varsha Rajeev. Houston, Texas

Best option trader
The Spread Trader is a credit spread service and so far the profit won loss record is 17-1 since subscribing so needless
to say I am very well pleased. Lou Russo, the publisher of Taking Profits, is really a nice person and after several telephone
conversations and exchanges of emails I believe Lou sincerely wants to help people make money.
Allie Whitehouse. Wellsville, New York

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