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Consistent Profits

"Almost Perfect"
"my account value has grown 42% and I am withdrawing
$500.00 every month for needed added income. This is a good system that has grown my account and increased my income......"

Allie W.

Wellsville, NY


"Very Profitable - Best Value
.... Lou Russo has the best trading strategy out there
Thomas M.
Seattle, Wa.

28 Years Trading Experience
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Welcome to Taking Profits Established 1988. A+ Rating Better Business Bureau of New Jersey

I HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Lou Russo - Call Today 1-872-812-2440

"Incredible, two rings and I was speaking to a Real Person".................... Matthew R. Fort Myers, Florida

Lou Russo has over 30 years of stock/option trading experience. Developed the Strategic Trading Methodology titled "High Directional Price Momentum" or HDPM" and the analytical tool titled "Comparative Volatility Analysis", or CVA. The Rule Sets establish all trades selections for Taking Profits Spread Trader as well as for other trading newsletters.

Our Flagship Trading Newsletter is the Spread Trader, using a Strategic Formulated Methodology that uses a Guaranteed Function of options to make you extra income every month.

How We Achieve Incredible Profits

There are Rule Sets used to select a stock with predictive price movement. Once those stocks are selected we analyze their options and find those
that are over-priced. This Strategic Methodology has achieved a success rate of as high as 97% Profitable Trades.

"Excellent. Just Do It! Spread Trader. You will love the money. Finally a program that works". Tommy West Member of Spread Trader since

There's Guaranteed Function of stock option pricing giving Investors Extraordinary Profit Opportunities. Taking Profits issues a Strategy for Option Premium Decay with the objective of profiting Trade after Trade after Trade. By using the Extrinsic Value of an options price, profits could be made von every trade. There are two sides of the trade. A short side and a long side. The Short side has a higher value than the long side thereby creating a "credit" into your account when the positions are executed.

The Secret Behind Our Success

Our Clients

"Lou, keep those winners coming, 37 out of 38. Whoa"......Douglas Br. Ohio

"$2,500.00 a month Income and Growth continues................." Chris S. Pomona, CA

"Excellent for Growth or Income"......................Brennan H. CA

"Best Value" Thomas M. Seattle, WA

"Living off the profits, EXCELLENT STUFF"...............John C. Newtown, CT

"Lou Russo has figured it out...." Dale Dur. Ohio

Almost Perfect........" Allie Whitestone, Wellsville, NY

Now Will It Be Your Turn ?

Some Things Don't Get Better !

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